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MTG Cube: August 2021

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I have seen it is burn, RDW, zoo and Izzet tempo but they are the most aggressive decks in the cube with the potential omission of white weenie. After lots of searching we purchased a beautiful white and blue/gray/purple female that is very friendly, without any training she hopped on my finger and even sat on my shoulder, her name is Priscilla. This might be good because it has the potential to have lots of synergy with things being cheap, colourless and Eldrazi. While to slow and fiddly to use normally, in the cube there is slight potential to abuse this with effects that allow you to sacrifice enchantments which would basically make this a powerful draw spell, especially as it has overlap in support from Fate Foretold. I reckon I will find myself playing it in all sorts of other decks too, the 1W cost is a real blessing here opening up a lot of potential for the card. Phyrexian Green Mana, Tap, Sacrifice a creature: Search your library for a creature card with converted mana cost equal to 1 plus the sacrificed creature's converted mana cost, put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. The mana side is a little unpredictable but pairs wonderfully well with Wheel of Fortune.

Thus, it is no surprise that when it came time for the SP to build the next bigger class of engine in around WWI and the Santa Fe Rwy had beat the other railroads to that wheel arrangement, the SP refused to call their engines "Santa Fe" Type F Deck. The SP 4171 is rated to handle the train, the Chief had a sneaking suspicion that he should have 'helped it' with another engine. On January 4th, 1953, freshly serviced SP 3765 was assigned to the Mountain Work Train, and departed Bakersfield. A few track related issues required operation of a work train starting around January 4th. Ballasting operations continued on the 5th as the SP 3765 was turned at Summit at the end of the day for a planned trip back to Caliente with a full day's work. No problems here. --- Just another day on the railroad. This is an example of how operating sessions have their own problems that aren't planned, and the various people in the positions normally ignored in operating scheme planning are actually some of the more challenging jobs.

The 'behind the scenes' people are the ones that solve the problems and keep the action on the railroad realistic. The action really kicks off at Caliente as No.56 arrives. Second 808 is just reaching Caliente as the First section gets underway again, still several miles ahead. The first sign of trouble comes with a call to the Dispatcher by the head brakeman of First 808 at Bealville. First 808's head brakeman 'lines the crossover back to the main track and No.56 blasts out of Allard. A powerful AC-7 class cab-forward, SP 4171 leads First 808 tonight with the VME-6 symbol hauling express reefers and returning "Overnight" boxcars to Los Angeles. The Dispatcher contacts the Chief Dispatcher to arrange a helper for First 808. The Chief knows the Work Train's engine, 3765, is still at Caliente and suggests that the Dispatcher hold No.56, the Mail, and have SP 3765 coupled to the front to get to Allard where First 808 will be waiting.

Normal SP freight operations in the early 1950's with four F7s on the front and ACs helping. It will have to back up the hill, coupled on the front of No.56. I will go over the mechanical upgrading and detailing process for selected models in separate future posts. In the last two blog posts in this topic I've covered the Modeling SP Road Switchers (Part 1) - Small Steam, and Modeling SP Road Switchers (Part 2) - Medium Steam. The 3765 works for several days away from the engine house until it needs fuel and servicing. Watering of the engine is not an issue with the regular water columns available at Caliente, Woodford, and Tehachapi. The issue is that the decks that most want to go deep on lords are those that want to stay lowest to the ground. If you think that you want full length boards to avoid seams between the ends of your boards, you may want to consider some other options. Control decks want lifegain options they can get freely on other playable cards. I think it will improve the quality of games and I think it will see play in a reasonably wide array of decks despite having a much more control feel about it.

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